Bulk SMS Marketing Services

SMS Marketing has been a tried and tested form of modern marketing. You can send customised SMS messages to relevant/potential customers. This way the customer is almost guaranteed to read what your brand has to say about your product.

SMS marketing has been a standard model for companies trying to get new customers and even make sure their customers respond to them. Billions United will provide you with one of the best Bulk SMS Marketing Services in India. Reach your target audiences well with a short and crisp message, enticing them to use your product/service.

We offer transactional and promotional SMS messaging, Short/Long code as a call to action, Unicode Messages (Language-specific messages), Flash Messages, and Video Messages. Get the numbers of customers that are most relevant to your product by using Billions United bulk SMS marketing for a higher ROI. We help with timings of messages as well, so you can get the highest number of responses possible.

Let’s look at some SMS Marketing related FAQs and their Answers.

An SMS Marketing Service is used to send promotional messages for campaigns, products, and transactional services by sending SMS messages directly to the customer. This service is usually used for time-sensitive offers, updates, and alerts.

Billions United bulk SMS marketing services give you, the sender, live delivery notifications so you have a guarantee that your messages have been sent to the customer. No more doubting whether the messages have been sent or not!

Yes! With Billions United, send SMS including links with ease. We also give you the statistics of the open rates as well.

Billions United provides you with one of the best, most premium databases in India. We have a Best-In-Class database for Bulk SMS Marketing in the country. Expect good Returns on Investment (ROI) when using our Bulk SMS Marketing Services.