Now that’s interesting. We often come across many database providers registered on Justdial, Indiamart, & some doing google ads to promote their business. We being a database provider & especially for telecalling/telemarketing agencies did some facts check on various database providers in India. Below are few of the things that we observed with regard to their quality & types of customers that they have been handling.

Self-Employed Databases
Low Packages

Most of the database companies were offering packages. Some were selling 1 lakh records of salaried individuals at as low as Rs. 500 or crores of databases for Rs. 999. There were few others who were offering it for Rs. 3k to 4k.

Often the customers get lured of these packages. They have the mindset – larger the better. This is where they fall into prey. We did ask most of the database selling companies to share the sample & we discovered some amazing facts. Most of these players were selling outdated database. For e.g. we are in midst of 2020 & they were selling bases of 2005 to 2012. That does not hold much of validity today. The players who were selling it for Rs. 3k to 4k atleast were better than the one selling it for Rs. 500 or Rs. 999


Samples different from the originals

Sampling is the core for the database industry. If samples are good clients often tends to purchase. We also did the fact check on this. We thought of trying various players in the market with lower volumes. To our surprise, samples were different from the actual databases. Many fields were missing & when we crossed check with them they said it’s the same base.

Bulk Deals

As an individual or as a DSA/Channel Partners if there is a setup of 1-5 or 10 people, we would rather look at 10 to 20 thousand records. However, most of the database providers started with 1 lakh database packages. This does not make any sense to us. We being in this industry from past 10 years know the value of gathering database from authenticated sources is a challenge. We are taking specifically about salaried professionals & self-employed databases. For any reputed organization to add 100k records to their existing database would take some time & updating it every quarterly is a humongous task. However, most of the database vendors were more interested in bulk deals. That’s where the quality is compromised.

Database Selling Companies

We were surprised to know that some database providers didn’t say “NO” for anything that you ask for. For e.g. Existing Personal Loan customers, Credit card, Existing Mortgage Loan customers, Existing Life Insurance customers etc. These are the players who are good at cut/copy/paste. Only name & number would be correct, rest all fields are just copy & paste. Once the client pays the amount there is no way to pull back.


One of the classic examples is salary employee database. By our own experience we know that salary employee database does not comes with address in most of the cases or with a PAN number. However, when we insisted on having these details with few of the database providers, they didn’t refuse our proposal. All that they did was cut/copy/paste from postpaid subscriber database. When we actually called on those bases there were salary mismatch, wrong PAN & address. Salary was mentioned as 10 lakh p.a. however, they were not even 2 lakhs p.a.


Our Recommendation

Billions United recommends its clients to start low & once you have the confidence & trust on us, we can work on larger orders. Don’t fall prey of unauthenticated database providers as it might be of no use to you & you will be simply wasting time calling on those bases. Bulk database mostly will consist of junks. Most of the customers who have come to us have come because they have not been satisfied elsewhere. They have burnt there hand with 2-3 players already.

If you are looking for quality rather than quantity, we are the right choice for you. We have been there in the industry from past 10 years & most of our clients come to us through reference.


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