We are a group of marketers who bring positivity, tempo & fun into work. We believe that everything is possible provided a constant effort, energy and resource is put towards the right direction. We believe that below-the-line marketing strategy is what makes a company distinguished in the market. We distinguish ourselves with the kind & quality of the resources available with us. Our core competency lies in database profiling, which is an enabler for other forms of marketing. We thrive to keep ourselves updated in the given context.

Our Values

Integrity, Solidarity, Credibility and Perfection – these are the fundamentals of Billions United working philosophy as it impacts business and employee relations, transparency of operations and quality assurance, on the way to creating a globally valued organization.

Our Message

Our confidence is built up on your trust in us. We are grateful to all customers who have inspired us by their whole hearted support and co-operation. We bound ourselves to give the assurance to our valuable customers in the quality of the services we have to offer and transparency in our business deals.